Guitar and vocals:
Iván Ridao
Keyboards, guitar, bass and vocals:
Marcos Cerone
Fernando Nucciarone
Bass, guitar and vocals:
Santiago Zabala
Iván Marcos Fernando Santiago

Fuga was created in Balcarce more than 15 years ago; however the current members started playing together at the beginning of 2002. So far, the band has made over 100 shows. Only two of its members, Marcos and Fernando, remain since the band was created.

Fuga is well-known for playing national and international rock songs. It performs a large variety of some of the most popular band's songs ranging from the 70's to our current times. In its shows it tries to satisfy the whole audience, taking into account matters of age as well as musical interests.

The band has collaborated in several cultural events made by Balcarce's Town Hall and it has been hired in many opportunities for playing at private parties and pubs of different cities.